“It’s always good to try new things “                                     

Friedrich Nietzsche once said “Sometimes, struggles are exactly what we need in our life. If we were to go through our life without any obstacles, we would be crippled. We would not be as strong as what we could have been. Give every opportunity a chance, leave no room for regrets”. Bula Vinaka my name is Loata Cavei and I am 23 years of age and just completed a bachelors in education at the Fiji National University. With someone who just completed this programme my background knowledge was just evolving around a classroom surrounding, students,university friends  and other senior teacher colleagues. As we all know Covid-19 really struck and affected most employers in the work industry but I do not see any changes in the IT  or web designing field.
After a few weeks of staying home during the break, experiencing how boring it is just to watch movies and yarn time away, I thought to myself about learning something new just so I could manage and at least learn  something new despite the field I studied. I decided to join my uncle Orion in his work expertise which is under the field of web designing and software.  I joined in as a junior web apprentice, this is work done behind the scenes just so an attractive and well layout website is designed. I only have a few knowledge  at the back of my head about learning wordpress but I was more eager to know what’s in it for me if i could learn deeper into this work field it is indeed an opening door opportunity.
First week of work, more different than the usual classroom experience but I was able to grab and learn a lot of things. Being punctual to work is one of the main key components in a workplace. The propensity for reliability is a significant quality. One of the things that my uncle would find a red mark is being late to work. It is one of those sayings “fijian time”  is not applicable in being a part of his team. As they always say it is good to be a minute earlier than an hour late.
Life is all about learning and taking the good things and leaving the bad things out. To be able to work independently in my own space and teaching  myself to do things, especially in moving the jargons words of business to market the web design services, getting used to the different plugins used for WordPress and most of all switching of desktops from a frequent user of Microsoft 10 to a MacBook Pro. This is a big learning step as every technology we use nowadays are upgraded into new advanced models. With the different environment of work in an office just located in Martintar, Nadi this has allowed me to have big dreams in accomplishing goals as a young employer. Within the first week of me joining him, I am able to adopt working in different environment in café shops and small business meetings that Mr. Orion needed to attend. 
I was able to dedicate most of my time in reading the resources provided instead of wandering around social media and on the phone like a usual 23-year-old would do when on school break.  I am also able to budget expenses around as a young adult who tries to stand on her own two feet and see the great opportunities that web designing has to offer. 
To conclude, I leave you off with Neville Brody he once said “Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries”. Never leave a stone unturned when there is an opportunity, we should grab it and make use of it .Looking forward to what another week has to offer ! 



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