Watch this space.

We are planning to start tech running a meetups in Nadi, Fiji  while Covid-19 Restrictions are still relaxed.

The first and foremost goal of this meetup is to create a space for those new to programming, coding to come and ask questions get some exposure just talk about how to get a start in the field.  Members of the community that have professional skills and are willing to mentor are definitely encouraged to attend.

This is not a for profit venture for us.

Although we won’t discourage those who chose to offer training services for a fee from attending be aware that at some point someone may decide to share the same information you are charging  to learn for free because that’s the kind of community we are trying to create.

It’s all about sharing knowledge and finding new ways to collaborate.

Let’s learn and grow the tech community here.  No prior tech knowledge required.. You have access to a laptop to learn on your own? Come get some tips on how to get started.

No question is a bad question.

We are all beginners at something.

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